The Vigilance Wing of TCIL is responsible for vigilance activities in the organization which has been set up with an objective to maintain ethical standards in the organization by improving transparency, systems and procedures. It caters to Vigilance functions in respect of all regular employees posted in India and abroad. The Vigilance Unit is headed by part time Chief Vigilance Officer(CVO).

The functions of Chief Vigilance Officer / Vigilance Wing are :

  • Scrutiny of complaints having vigilance angle.
  • investigation / Inquiry of complaints having vigilance angle pertaining to TCIL employees
  • Seeking advice from CVC on the cases having vigilance angle, if required.
  • Issue of Vigilance clearances and seeking vigilance clearances from DOT for Board level officers.
  • Preparation and maintenance of Agreed List, Officers of Doubtful Integrity (ODI) list and necessary action thereon
  • Handling prosecution sanctions pertaining to Vigilance cases
  • Coordination with CVC, CBI and other agencies on vigilance matters
  • Scrutiny of Annual Property Returns & intimation of acquisition / disposal of property submitted by TCIL staff
  • Submission of monthly and annual reports to CVC in respect of disposal of complaints, imposition of penalty etc.
  • Handling cases of suspension and periodical review
  • Observing of Vigilance Awareness Week