The Internet today has become essential part of our lives serving billions of users worldwide and all this is running on Internet Protocol (IP). The current version of the Internet Protocol is IPv4 which is very old protocol, having many limitations. The biggest limitation is its 32-bit addressing space resulting in 4.3 billion IP addresses. The rapid growth of Internet, broadband, mobile subscribers and deployment of NGN technology has led to major consumption of IP addresses, and this has resulted in almost exhaustion of IPv4 addresses in India as well as worldwide.
To overcome this problem of shortage, Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) was developed, which improves on the addressing capacities of IPv4 by using 128 bits address instead of 32 bits, thereby practically making available an almost infinite pool of IP addresses. Also, IPv6 has various enhancements over IPv4.

TCIL provides Project management and consulting services for IPv6, which includes:
  1. Detailed Project Management Plan :
    • Objectives and Approach
    • Stakeholders Identification
    • Project Scope and Timelines
    • Cost Management
    • Resource Planning
    • Document Management
    • Change Management
    • Risk Management and Risk Mitigation Plan
    • Procurement Management
    • Configuration Management etc.

  2. Project Execution and Progress Tracking.

  3. IPv6 Transition Assessment and Gap Analysis:
    • IPv6 Awareness across organization.
    • Current State of IPv6 readiness.
    • Existing IPv6 Adoption Plans and their State.
    • Infrastructure Readiness and network audit.
    • Detailed IPv6 Training and Education Roadmap and Plan.

  4. Strategy Planning:
    • Detailed IPv6 Implementation / Adoption Roadmap and Project Plan.
    • Detailed IPv6 Adoption Governance / Transition Management.
    • Procurement plan and Budget Planning for network infrastructure equipment, systems and 3rd party applications.
    • Current IPv6 adoption strategy and implementation plans.
    • Creating documentation templates and comprehensive documentation roadmap.
To cater IPv6 transition needs, 11 organizations have been selected and empanelled by DoT to provide IPv6 consultancy and/or implementation of IPv6 services and TCIL is one of them.

For any query, kindly mail us at ipv6@tcil-india.com Creating documentation templates and comprehensive documentation roadmap.

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