TCIL has been serving the Sultanate of Oman since the year 1986. Since then, it has played a pivotal role in developing the telecom infrastructure of the nation by serving Omantel, Oman Broadband Company (OBB), Nama Electricity Distribution Company (Erstwhile Majan), Ooredoo, Ministry of Defence, PDO etc.

Nature of works carried out by TCIL in Oman:

  1. Construction of OSP network Copper / Fiber for all the major telecom operators in Oman namely Omantel, Oman Broadband, etc.
  2. Construction of FTTH Network for Omantel and Oman Broadband which includes:
    1. Supply & installation of duct system chambers/manholes/handholes
    2. Construction of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for major road crossings for Duct Systems
    3. Installation of Street FDH (Fiber Distribution Hub) for FTTH Network
    4. Pulling of Optical Fiber Cables in existing & newly laid Duct systems
    5. Supply & fixing of Splice Closure after splicing fibers in the NAPs/Branch joints (BJs)
    6. Splicing/Termination/Testing of Fibers and Handing over of FTTH Network
    7. Laying of Pipes to individual House for House Connection for said created FTTH Network