TCIL’s Tele-education Solution
TCIL’s Tele-Education solution is a Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) based network for education including real time teaching and learning activities envisages connecting various campuses/remote classrooms of the university and affiliated colleges/remote centres through a data communication network for imparting education to the students for various program of the university/State Govt./Central Govt./ PSU. The solution comprises of four main components viz. Data Center, Studio, Virtual Class Room & Network.

The Tele-Education solution is based on state of art technologies and uses diverse communication networks depending on the user requirements. The solution is modular, scalable, expandable and can grow with growth of user organization. The solution envisages data centres, studios & virtual class rooms for management of lectures, lecture content, lecture studios (teacher end), virtual class rooms(student end), programmes , courses, teachers etc.

Based on the above architecture, TCIL has implemented a large number of projects for clients in India and abroad. TCIL’s Tele-education Solution implemented at following locations (In over 50 Countries in Asia and Africa):
• PAN-AFRICAN E-Network Project with 170 Virtual class room in African countries.
• Virtual University Project for University of Madras, with 11 Learning Centres
• SAARC Telemedicine Network Project with 2 Learning Centres.
• ONCONET Project.

Tele-Education solution designed & developed can be implemented for various State, Central Government, Public Sector, Universities and Large organizations for their:
• Central/ State Government Training Networks
• Corporate Training Networks
• Virtual University Networks
• Skill Development