Mobile coverage solutions are an integral part of telecom industry for mobile operators. The primary coverage solutions are done by outdoor coverage through GBT ( ground based Tower ), RTT ( Roof Top Towers) which are majorly treated as macro sites. With mobile subscribers and its penetration increasing day by day, mobile coverage inside big commercials buildings, hospitals, Govt buildings, shopping malls etcetc has been severely affected and subscribers visiting those places has always found difficult to meet up staying connected. The perennial issues found were weak coverage, call drops, network busy etc etc. Hence, technology was upgraded and indoor coverage solutions were implemented. Concept planned was In Building Solutions.

Mobile operators planned to have IBS within the premises where weak coverage, call drops noticed and massively IBS were deployed by the operators since 2000. These were considered as micro sites for them. The prima facie application was to take MW signal from nearby outdoor site and get RF signals passed within the building which was wired up by RF cables and signals transmitted through antennas installed at various locations. The BTS ( base transceiver station ) deployed for this application were powered upto 20W to have enough RF power transmitted within the desired location to have uniform coverage level from -55 dBm till -75 dBm. This will help subscribers to make and receive calls uniformly and without any interruption. Even the operators benefitted with this proposition by deploying outdoor set up to cover nearby outside areas which remains un tapped through macro sites.

TCIL has successfully installed and running IBS solution in various Govt Buildings such as AIIMS Delhi, Chacha Nehru Bal Chiktsalaya Delhi, Bhagwan mahavir Hospital Delhi, Sanjay Gandhi Hospital Delhi etc