Information Technology
S.No. Notice No. Subject Submission Date
1.TCIL/71/001/03/2021-RS/PENotice Inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) for Selection of Consortium partner for Implementation of QR Code Based Track & Trace System For Liquor Supply across the State of Punjab. 2021-03-15 by 15:00:00 Hrs
2.TCIL/61/IT/SmartCity/EOI/Punjab/01Expression of Interest (EoI) for pre-bid tie up (for selection of consortium partner and system integrator) for tender – Selection of Master System Integrator (MSI) to Design, Develop, Implement and Maintain Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) platform on Cloud-based DC & DR, establish local data centre, viewing centers and field infrastructure, network connectivity for 3 Smart Cities (Amritsar, Jalandhar, and Sultanpur Lodhi) of Punjab. 2021-03-19 by 15:00:00 Hrs
3.TCIL/STC/20-21/EoI/1446/CCTV and PA systemPre-Tender Tie-up with TCIL for Selection of OEM/System Integrator for supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of CCTV in 217 schools & Public Address system in 232 schools buildings published by East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). 2021-03-08 by 12:00:00 Hrs
4.TCIL/66/e-Gov/EoI/Partner_Selection /2021/01Expression of Interest (EOI) for Selection of hardware and Software supplier cum Implementer and Operator (maintenance for 05 years) (back end vendor) for participation in the tender for Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of ICT equipments for Establishment of ICT labs / Smart Classroom in Government schools. 2021-03-11 by 15:00:00 Hrs
5.TCIL/DT/4/HIMS-Delhi/01/01/2021EoI for selection of Consortium Partner for HIMS implementation in Delhi. 2021-03-08 by 11:00:00 Hrs
6.TCIL/PACS/Main/1/2021/N/847Expression of Interest (EOI) For Supply, Implementation, Training and Commissioning of Computerization of Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS). 2021-03-18 by 15:00:00 Hrs
7.TCIL/66/e-Gov/2021/Rate_contract/Exam/01EOI Document For Selection of a back end partner willing to work with TCIL on rate contract basis for 01 year for joint pursuit of business in conduction of Computer Based Online Examination, Offline (Paper Pen /OMR), Steno /typing examination and training projects. 2021-03-18 by 15:00:00 Hrs
8.TCIL/STC/20-21/EoI/5576/fenceEXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) for Selection of Back- End Partner for Supply, Installation Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Smart Power Fence 2021-03-12 by 15:00:00 Hrs