The century is seeing an increasing change from conventional power to Renewable Power Source. Out of these Solar Photo Voltaic Systems are projected to become a dominant Source of Power. The total solar energy received by earths surface over a period on one year is approximately 222,504,000 TeraWatthours. This is roughly more than 10000 time the total electricity consumption for the whole world.


TCIL Intends to Bring about a change in energy solutions for the telecom sector and other sectors with new innovative technologies. TCIL has the capability to establish a wide range of Solar Power Supply Systems that has been designed to serve the need for an economical & reliable power source. TCIL being a Govt. Enterprise offers a complete transparency of operations during every stage of the project execution. TCIL provides a complete turnkey solution starting from system design, procurement, implementation, as maintenance of the system.


TCIL offers Grid Interactive and Off-Grid Solar Power Supply systems to meet the present day industry requirements. The designed system can be a roof top solution for a home or business enterprise or a green field power plant for higher capacity systems. The offered solutions will be a field proven system using state of the art technology.
For Telecom Sector - The power can be designed as a standalone system or a hybrid system with a secondary and even tertiary backup system from grid supply/gen sets/other renewable power source, wherever feasible. The solution is ideal for reducing recurring expenses on fuel or power tariff and for expansion of footprint to remote areas where infrastructure is scare


• TCIL has implemented Solar Power Plants for running Telecom Base Station Towers across Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan.
• TCIL has also implemented Solar Plants for Indian Railways for various application viz., Railway Crossing, etc.
• TCIL has undertaken various government initiated projects for implementing Solar Power Plants in Ethoipia & other African Countries.
• TCIL is carrying out the work of designing, Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Solar Power Pack systems including 05 years !comprehensive warranty maintenance in various districts of Uttar Pradesh for UPNEDA.
• TCIL is providing Solar Power Supply in approximately 1,00,000 Branch Post Offices spred over entire India as part of Rural ICT solution for Department of Posts (DoP).
• Providing consultancy for implementation of Solar Power System for various Toll plazas for Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH).