Turnkey project on National Internet Backbone (NIB Phase II, Project 3) for BSNL

The various network components required for the NIB-II are Messaging and Storage Service platform, Operation Support System (OSS) & Billing, Security System and Enterprise Management System which are to be implemented in BSNL, data centers in four cities viz. Banglore (Main), Noida , Mumbai and Pune (Disaster Recovery). The turnkey implementation involves Planning, Engineering, Supply, Installation and Testing and Commissioning.

Under National Internet Backbone NIB Phase-II, BSNL has planned to make new investment in state of the art IP infrastructure across the country to provide existing services and a range of new value added services with both duration and volume based billing, pre-paid and post paid billing. Services to be offered in the NIB-II are dialup Internet Access, Broadband Internet Access, Leased Access, Messaging, Web/Message Hosting, Web Co-location.

A high level generic Operation Support System (OSS) architecture has following broad blocks:
• Network & Resource management
• Planning and Control
• Business Support
• Product Management
• Service Management
• Customer Management
• Revenue Management